Monday, June 28, 2010

Kuwait Times Statistics

Kuwait Times Article today.

1,020 Kuwaiti women marry expatriates over 5 months 38 couples take pre-marital tests

KUWAIT CITY, June 27, (Agencies): Director of Legal Authentication Department Waleed Al-Mawash has disclosed that 1,020 Kuwaiti women married Asian and Arab expatriates from January until May this year, reports Annahar daily.A total of 11,258 marriages took place during the said five-month period. Al-Mawash said 2,759 Kuwaiti men married Arab or Asian expatriates while 117 Bedoun couples tied the knot during the period.
According to Al-Mawash, as many as 604 Kuwaiti couples got married and divorced in the same time period. Also, 182 Kuwaiti men who married Arab and Asian women got divorced, besides 53 Kuwaiti women who married Arab and Asian men. Nine Bedoun couples also split in the said duration.
Meanwhile, thirty eight couples appeared on the first day of opening the new pre-marital examination center in Mubarak Al-Kabir Governorate, a health ministry official said Sunday.“It is a successful start, with work smoothly flowing and applicants voicing content over quick and easy procedures,” Director of Pre-marriage Center of the Department of Social Health in the Ministry of Health Dr Yaqoub Al-Kandari told KUNA.Four centers are now operative, less than a year after opening the Mubarak Al-Kabir center, as all centers are fitted with all the necessary equipment and supplies, as well as all technical and administrative crews and will operate through an integrated automated program, he added.He stressed that the new center will facilitate and save time and effort of residents of Al-Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabir areas.
The rate of safe marriage certificates that have been issued so far since the application of the pre-marital examination last August is 97 percent of those that are submitted for examination, Al-Kandari pointed out.Test results take some five days to process and are valid for six months to authenticate that couples are free from contagious or hereditary diseases.

604 couples married and divorced within 5 months. 1,020 Kuwaiti women married Asian and Arab expats, seems like the women are finally choosing who they want to marry.


  1. LMAO....what a topic...CrAzY.
    This generation of Kuwaiti Mama's boys and spoiled Daddy's Girls can't even get along with each other, what next?

  2. I am shocked that 10021 Kuwaiti WOMEN are marrying non-kuwaitis!!!....this is crazy because I thought one of the main reason the government doesnt want to provide citizen ships to Bedouns is because it might corrupt the ethnic system lol....and now Kuwaiti women marrying ASIAN MEN! I mean no offence to Asian men out there but I think the ethnic and culture of Kuwait might change if that number ever to increase. and to the blogger Kuwaiti women are free to who ever they choose to marry because its a privilege Islam gives them to who ever they feel satisfied with.


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