Thursday, June 10, 2010

Government Hospitals

My internet has been really crappy for the last two days so actually getting to my blog is almost impossible. I guess it's working today after waiting for 3 hours so let me write about something before it shuts down again.

My sister went to Adan hospital which is a government hospital for a problem she was having. The so called doctor told her she would have to have surgery for her problem or it could get worse and end up really bad. This problem comes at the same time she's supposed to go back home for vacation.

For the actual procedure she went to London Hospital which is about one step up from the government hospital but not as expensive as some of the other private hospitals. This doctor told her that she didn't need surgery as it was a swollen blood vessel and gave her some medication to take care of the problem.

I've been misdiagnosed here also and it's a scary thing when one doctor tells you to prepare for surgery which will cost 400 KD and when you go for a second opinion they tell you that surgery is not needed and hand you a prescription. I hate to think of how many people have been misdiagnosed and had surgery that they didn't need.

I remember a car accident a few years back that involved a bunch of teenage girls. When the paramedics arrived they were more concerned with the girls that were ok rather than the ones that were unconscious. When they got the girl who was knocked out they lifted her head by her hair in order to put the neck brace on. Shocking is all I can say. I found where they took the girls and my sister and I asked about her condition.

They said she is 19 and she fractured her pelvis and the doctors gave her a hysterectomy. What?? I must say if you can avoid accidents do it as you may not be hurt from the accident but have some part taken off by doctors who know nothing. I'm really scared of the paramedics after what I saw.

People with lots of money go abroad for medical so they have no concern about the government hospitals as they are for the poor, even though there are many Kuwaitis that go to these hospitals. I say be cheap on anything else but not hospitals and medical practices. People depend on these places for help. I've been to the government hospitals and they mean well but there aren't any clean sheets that are changed, people are piled on top of each other and you have to wait hours and hours for a doctor to give you information. The nurses can be quite rude also.

If you have insurance from your company and can go to private hospitals be grateful as there are others who take a 50/50 chance when going to government hospitals.


  1. medical insurance in Kuwait is really cheap .. as cheap as 150 KD a year . so make sure you get one.

  2. Thanks for the info. I have a huge family so I wonder if they have a "huge family" package. lol

  3. kids insurance around 70 KD i think !

  4. How the hell are all of the posts purely opinion and not meant to harm anyone?

    All of your posts are offensive.

  5. There is nothing wrong with government hospitals. Hate these fucking Westerners who view Arabs are sub humans lacking brains. Fuck off if you don't like our country. My ancestors worked their asses off for the new population to get treated when unhealthy. ''These so-called doctors''-no they are certified doctors. Fuck off, asses. You don't like Kuwait? Leave then. No one is forcing you to stay and further destroy the country.

    I hate hearing all of those Westerners complain on and on about Kuwait. If you don't like it, LEAVE! It's called freedom of movement.

  6. Aww it seems I hit a nerve with you people. So you've been to Adan hospital? So you've received superior care? When my sister's son who's Kuwaiti was sick she had to sleep on a dirty ass floor in order to be beside her baby so don't talk about how great the system is, I don't bring these stories from my imagination moron it's from experience so don't act like I'm talking shit about everything just because.

  7. Yah and dont forget the blood all over the curtains, vomit on the floor in the ER room and the ankle deep mess on the floor (GOD knows what it was?) the plastic mattresses with no clean sheets, and dont ever go there unless you are really sick cuz you might come out with some new unheard of disease, if you think there is nothing wrong with the government hospitals its only because you have not seen anything better....hmmm

  8. Anonymous I think 'f--k" must be your favorite word, where did you learn that word from you "Western" friends??? You can talk like an adult and not use that word please!!

  9. LOL anonymous atleast use f words at correct places . Seems like you are making up a sentence and then sprinkling it with a heavy dose of f words :D

  10. To everyone who commented on this with a form of anger -- I, as a Kuwaiti, also agree with the blogger on this one.
    not only do I agree, but I also think both private and government hospitals (ones ive had experiences with anyway) are horrible.
    seriously cos a couple of years ago, i had some serious pain in my left upper leg (the pain felt like it was from my thigh) my parents took me to Al-Hadi first, the X-Rayed my left thigh/hip, took some blood work (?!) and the doctor who only saw me for about 2 minutes, said it was just a muscle strain in my thigh. Lord knows how much my dad had to pay Al-Hadi
    I'm a national table tennis player, so sports is a big aspect of my life. since it was "a muscle strain" i didn't really worry about it and just kept pushing myself at the table. a few days later, it was obvious that i was crippling. my mom got really worried and decided to take me to Al-Razi thinking it might be a bone issue... I was in a lot of pain and had to wait about an hour in the waiting room to see a doctor... once my turn came along, the doctor immediately asked for an x-ray to be taken of my right hip/thigh. again, everything showed up "normally" on my x-ray - more muscle relaxing creams for me - yay! (sarcasm)
    a week later, walking became torturous for me. i got up from the living room and my flip flop got strangled under the carpet and i fell. CRRRRACK. My hip got dislocated.
    lol - this whole time, my hip bone was slightly dislocated, and had any of these hospitals taken an x-ray of both of my friking hips, they would have realized.
    thank you doctors - i've missed countless amounts of tournaments during that year. argh.

    wow i think i typed too much.

    1. At government hospitals, these ''so-called'' doctors are ACTUAL doctors. I don't understand why you feel the need to discredit them. Unless if you have any form of physical evidence to prove they're not actual doctors, you don't have the right to belittle Arab doctors.

      The truth is, your public hospitals aren't better than ours. I've been the NHS int he UK plenty of times in the past, it's a complete utter mess to the point that people are dying due to dehydration (10 people have died due to not being given WATER by the nurses).

      Kuwait has an extremely high human development index so I don't see why they would bring in ''fake'' doctors at their government hospitals. Your posts are extremely offensive and if you don't like Kuwait, get out.

      No one is forcing you to stay here. I hate hearing all of these Westerners bicker all day about how they hate this country, no one is forcing you to stay here. Go back to your ''advanced'' country.

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