Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some things I miss from the States

When we leave our home country there are always things we miss. It's not always the big things that we miss, sometimes it's the little things we cherish most. Going to a restaurant and getting a glass of water with lemon or drinking water from the tap. I guess I also miss running water itself, not trucked water that has living things in it, hence the reddish brown stuff leftover in the filters. Have you ever stopped to think what's coming out of the faucet when you take a shower?

I miss gallons of milk and slurpees. 7-11 and convenient stores. Although they do have gas stations with convenient stores everywhere else but here, and yes I see them slowly sprouting up in a couple places here so we'll see how that concept goes. There is no where for children to go and play. No decent parks that have lakes and greenery. In Qatar the houses are made up into compound type living. There is a wall surrounding the communities and inside these communities are parks, pools and activities for residents.

Of course there are restaurants I miss as everyone does so I've listed some that I miss. I'm sure someone will answer my post by saying "If you miss it then go home" that's a typical response for people when you talk about things back home instead of seeing it as an opinion and maybe making some improvements to the country.

FYI: I went to Avenues yesterday and they are opening up a BeniHana Japanese restaurant soon. Woohoo!

Remember tap water?

Third street promenade in Cali.

Santa Monica Pier.

Slurpees and brain freeze.

Autozone, a place I could pick up my own parts!

Chicken burgers.

Parks to take the kids to.

Everyone misses Wal-Mart

Ok this isn't in Cali but when I head South I eat there.

Grilling in the park with food bought from the grocery store.

A store where we can buy everything we need.

Oh yahhhh you know you all miss this baby.

A simple gallon of milk.

Anyone else miss something specific from their neck of the woods?


  1. Chick-fil-a - OMG yes!

    I miss reasonably priced items :)

    I miss malt-o-meal (they only have the kids version here)

    I miss garage sales

    I miss tank tops

    I miss looking in people's eyes and saying hi

    I miss male chivalry

    But I love living in a different culture...keeps me open minded, I learn something new & it makes me thankful for what I have back home :)

  2. Hi Crazy! Love this post & your blog! You made me homesick. I will post a similar one as well. Stealing your idea but giving you full credit. looool. :-)

  3. No problemo expat we are like blogging sisters that's what keeps us going!

  4. Check out my new post and then see where I give you credit at the end. I hope you like the photo :D

  5. oh my GOD, what do I miss about the States,oh where should I begin? I miss GRITS, Red Lobster, Taco Bell, I miss sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair, oh I miss Walmart to much..I miss the rain and the lightning bugs, I miss hearing the crickets singing...birds singing...I miss the smell of fresh cut grass, I miss Papa's grilling steaks, I miss un-cut movies at the cinema..I miss of all things, commercials...oh my..I think I need to stop before I blow up the blog...:(

  6. I want Hanes underware :P

  7. Hey crazy, what about NORMAL schools...July 4th celebrations, Disney World, thunderstorms...breakfast at IHOP, Krystal Hamburgers, dog tracks with Papa...


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