Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Crazy

Today's my birthday and I really wish I was back in Cali with my BFF's heading out to El Torito Mexican restaurant for fajitas, then off to girls night out. I really miss the people who really know me and understand me, friends I've had since I was young. You could never find that kind of real friendship here. I remember the nice simple cakes made at the grocery store that tasted so good. Simplicity, not a 20 pound masterpiece from some fancy baker.

El Torito

They are famous for sweet corn cakes.

Ahhh fajitas.

I loove their chips and salsa.

To my BFF's I love you guys and miss you even more.


  1. I think you forgot to add a good margarita to this post. Happy Birthday California!!!!

  2. I very recently moved to Kuwait and honestly feel and understand what you say :-(

    However I would still wish you a very very happy birthday.May god bless u and most importantly may you get to celebrate 100's of birthdays with your BFF's :D

    Take good care of your self

  3. Habby bezzy youu you Habby Bezzy Youu Youu
    HEHEHEH Happy Belated B-day i was on the road with no charge on my phone to msg. Wishing you many many more Crazy XOXOXOXOX

  4. Sank you beoble :P Sincere thanks to those who sent bday wishes, I appreciate it soo much and hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

  5. I was like :-D when I saw the pictures and I thought to myself that I'm gonna go there right now to get me a plate like that.

    Then I was like ;-( when I found out it wasn't in Q8.


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