Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The new female police officers

We went to Chili's in Al Manshar yesterday and for the firs time I saw the famous female officers at work yesterday. There were 3 tiny female officers patrolling in a single line around Al Manshar. As they passed by there were 2 male officers following behind them. Huh? So they kept on going around in circles, once , twice, three times and so on. The guys followed about 20 steps behind them. It was actually entertaining.

I walked around the corner by the coffee shop and low and behold the 3 females were sitting there drinking coffee while the other male officers gathered with some more security looking guys to drink Arabic coffee. WTH? As I passed the females all I could smell was their perfume. I just shook my head. So let me get this straight, females were hired and trained and given rank to serve in the police force only to be babysat by their male counterparts?

They are allowed to stroll the malls only to be harassed by men? So instead of having say 2 guys patrolling, they allow 2 women plus 2 men to babysit? So the government is paying 5-7 people to patrol at any given time? I read an article about the harassment the women are receiving. Why can't the male species just leave females alone? Maybe they should hire some boyatt ( chicks who look and dress like guys ) or some lesbians to patrol. Some of them could kick ass. At least the guys wouldn't bother them. Make rules like you have to be 5'11 + and huge to work as a policewoman. hehe. Cute little petite women who smell like a Parisian perfume shop just doesn't intimidate anyone or give them a big ass taser and a rubber bullet gun to use at any time.

Article in today's paper:

Policewomen teased: A lawyer, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been arrested by the Fahaheel police for eve teasing policewomen on duty inside a commercial complex in the area, reports Al-Anba daily.The daily added the attorney also lured the police officers to commit indecent acts.The two officers — a second lieutenant and sergeant major — are posted at the complex to protect women being harassed by male shoppers.

And yet they become the victims of harassment? When will women be respected as human beings instead of sexual objects? Shouldn't be too long considering the rise in homosexuality here.


  1. I'm LMAO at all the press over this. Only in Kuwait. I say give them pink Tasers and let them f-up anyone who messes with them.

  2. I find it ironic & very humorous that they call male harassers 'eve teasers'. Isn't Eve from the bible? is this an Islamic country?

    Love reading your thoughts!

  3. I guess harassing pigs wouldn't quite fit :)

  4. Mh,.... if they harass police women, maybe they leave more 'normal' women alone?
    Guess that might be the Kuwaiti logic behind that?


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