Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ordering out is a real Pain

The heat brings out the laziness in me so cooking is definitely not something I look forward to. That being said I decided to order pizza yesterday. Every time I order something I end up being really ticked off. I ordered from Pizza 2 Go ans their call center sucks. I get an Egyptian guy who gets confused right off when I speak English. I ask him for their specials then there's dead silence, Hello! I give him my order and then the problem with my name comes next. After repeating it 5 times and sounding it out in Arabic letters he finally got it, sort of.

He asks if I want the order now? Um yeah that's why I'm calling. I guess I have no patience so I told him I would just go to the restaurant and order it. I think the worst place to order from is Hardee's. My husband who's Kuwaiti can't even order in Arabic without getting frustrated. I have nothing against Egyptians but they just don't understand food ordering. 9/10 times at Hardee's in Fintas area they get the order wrong. I mean extremely wrong.

Why are people put into working situations that in reality they can't do? Filipinos are excellent for the food industry but the others fall short. They just can't seem to comprehend people's orders. Unfortunately it's really really expensive to bring Filipino workers so they are replacing them with Indian workers who are very timid and seem fearful of people.

In the U.S. Burger King has a university for their workers called the "Burger King University". Funny as it seems they obviously want their employees to understand their business. I think all food industry workers should take English classes geared toward restaurant language maybe that will decrease the food returns. I'm always afraid to return it as they might spit in it or something. Yuck!

For the ones who want to call me racist save it because I've heard it all before. I'm pointing out the facts and those who have experienced it know what I'm talking about.


  1. Hence the reason I don't order out. They never understand anything I say & when I ordered 1 'small' coke and 1 'large' coke, they both came in a can, same size, but I paid two different prices. Also they NEVER come w/ change. "10kd? It's only 4kd, I don't have change" -- Well ATMs don't give anything smaller than 10kd. uggh. I'd rather eat a pb&j

  2. ive always said that filipinos are the best when it comes to the service industry; they are neat, polite, always smiling and friendly.

    do cut the egyptian some slack tho; this is an arab country after all, how many non-arab customers do u think he deals with in a day?

    the only harsh thing u said is "Why are people put into working situations that in reality they can't do", they gotta earn a living. ud be surprised to hear that these "order boys" are university grads.

  3. Yes it is an Arab country but when my Kuwaiti husband has trouble ordering that's where I have the problem. The dialect used in Kuwaiti is different than other countries so maybe the people working with the public should learn to speak with a Kuwaiti dialect. I hate it when my husband and brother-in-law have to speak with an Egptian accent to get their point accross considering Kuwait is their country.

  4. The solution is surely to employ more English-speaking Kuwaitis in fast food restaurants

  5. If Kuwait was to do like Oman with Omaninization then it would work. Oman has their citizens working in every area and the citizens don't think it's a shame to work in motels or restaurants. They believe they are taking care of their country by making sure all citizens are employed. But until citizens here have that same opinion we will have to struggle to order.

  6. I have heard you can order take out from a variety of restaurants using this website: you have to register for free and you get toms of variety! My fiancé who is out there as a contractor buys from there all the time

  7. I agree with you 100%. No, you are not a racist. You are just telling the TRUTH.


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