Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday my husband and I took our daughter to Mowasat for a check up. Upon entering the parking I see some lady dressed in abaya and niqab wandering the lot. I knew it was one of the beggars. The clinics were closed because of holiday so there weren't too many people there. Immediately she headed for us. Oh crap here she comes. She started babbling something in Arabic which I was ignoring. Finally I said in a loud voice "I'm American I don't speak Arabic", she said "No Arabic?" and started walking off to the next couple who forked out some money.

I can't tell you how much it bugs me when these women do this. I can speak Arabic but not enough to tell someone off in a nice way. I felt like telling her "where's your husband?" but then again I remember reading in the newspaper that most of these people are on visitors visa and come during the holidays to make money. I have a family to take care of also why should I give money to these people? I don't go beg people in the street if I'm short on cash.

I know they are making a killing by doing this. I read once they arrested a beggar who had a few thousand KD on him. WTH? What about the people who are really poor and need help? Beggars have no dignity and I can't stand them. I really wanted to yell at her and tell her how I felt. Go get a job. I know she's probably married and well taken cared of. When I first came to Kuwait I worked in an office and some chick came in babbling about how she had no money and so on. I asked her where her husband was, that I have kids but I work to support them. I got pissed and was yelling, needless to say she shut the door real quick.

Most people give into them, even if its 250 fils. But everyone should realize they are more than likely people who are too lazy to work and earn their money. When you give money you give them the freedom to continue and make more money than you do in a month. I really wanted to call the cops on her. I'm not mean but I feel that people who are too lazy to work shouldn't be rewarded with free money. If they were proud of what they do then why do they hide behind niqab? If you walk up to me with your face showing I feel that you really need help because you are not afraid to show who you are. There are places around Kuwait that help the poor if you are truly in need. The beggars don't go there because they don't need food or shelter they just want money.

There are no free rides in life.


  1. I just ran into one at the bank. She was begging by the ATM. I gave her money because I can't help myself. I'm such a softie. :)

    I enjoy giving money to the guys cleaning the Kuwait streets in the heat. It makes me happy to see their faces light up.

  2. I agree totally, I mean I will give money to the guys on the side of the roads cleaning up the trash but never to the women with niqab and I hate when they grab you or even worse grab your husband...and demand that you give them money...but who knows, maybe they really need makes you think...some people make a job out of it and I am sure make more money than alot of us....just a thought..

  3. umm well I guess that is better than the ones here in the States, "Will work for beer" ??? or when you see the 20 yr. old with the sign..I feel like telling them to get a the rest of us...oh yah and somebody knocked over the small statue of liberty at Walmart and broke her arm...:( they took "her" away...this is a special msg for Crazy..hehehe

  4. If someone was really hungry or in real need ok I'd buy them a hamburger but to give money, you don't know what they're doing with it. The street clener guys make like 40 KD a month or less so I sometimes give them some. But i won't be an enabler :P

  5. Hey I tried the "I don't speak Arabic" and I will tell you where i got me.....
    I was taking my cat to the vet over by the Friday/Animal Market. I pulled up and saw two boys about 10 and maybe 14 years old. I started getting out of the car with my fat, persian cat in arms. (Couldn't find the carrier she was sick and i was in a hurry.)
    The boys walked over to me and the older one started asking for money. The younger one was just holding his hand out not really saying anything. (I knew him because i gave him money before. We talked about the animals and stuff. He seemed nice, just lost.) I just said I don't speak Arabic and continued into the vet's office.
    Well I was considering giving them some money but i had to finish with the vet so I would have change. I planned to give it to them when i went out if they were still there.
    Anyway i waited forever, my cat had to have stitches and they put her under. I was carrying my sleeping cat (She was still under when they gave her to me??) back to the car when out came the two boys again.
    This time the older boy was starting to invade my personal space. I was putting the cat in the trunk of my jeep and he came up beside me this time saying one dinar in English. I threw my bag over the back seat cuz he was creeping me out and i thought he might grab my purse. I closed the trunk and continued the No Arabic, No Money whatever to get away from him.
    He said something in Arabic that was so sick and doragatory that i lost it. In Arabic i asked him what he said and his face turned white. He still didn't think i spoke Arabic until then.
    I told him i would call the police so he started running and i kicked off my boot, picked it up and threw it so hard it hit him in the neck and he fell on his face.
    He got up and started running again. I got my shoe and i talked to his friend. I asked him if he was his brother or what. He said he didn't know him he was new to the "Animal Market Gang". I asked him if he wanted to make some money. I told him to go get his friends and catch that boy for me. He said ok...and he went after him. All this happend in like 5 minutes.
    The older boy was hiding at the animal market thinking I would just leave. SO i went back to my car and watched the other boys group up and move in on him. They pulled him over to the side parking where the have sheep and stuff. I was in the car so I got out 10kd. I walked over to the boy they were holding and told him off. In Arabic I told him to think about his mother and sisters or other females in his family before his cusses another woman. I am someone's Mother/Sister/Daughter. I gave "Mohammed" the 10kd and said do whatever you want with him but he is big trouble. You shouldn't let him hang out with you. They beat him up and he ran away and i never saw him there again.
    Point is....BE CAREFUL! They do snatch purses and phones and all kinds of stuff. I remember 11 years ago I left my wallet on a table in Souk Mubarakiya went back hours later and it was still there. Times have changed protect yourselves and throw shoes only when you need to lol

  6. Damn girl you got him good. I haven't been approached by kids except the ones selling stuff on side of the road at 11 am. Speaking of Friday Market, I remember my mom bought a rug and we had one of the guys with a wheelbarrow roll it to our car, we only let him take it because he kept following us everywhere, anyways once we got to the car I gave him 1 KD and he looked at me with disgust and started rattling off something about his job and he wanted more money. WTH? He really ticked me off so I snatched the 1 KD and left. These days no everyone wants more. Hell I could have carried the rug myself.

  7. You have the freedom to not care about beggars, but there certainly are people who do; people who do not judge those they know nothing about.

    That's one of humankinds biggest flaws, I think; seeing situations/people in the absolute, and failing to consider the fact that not all beggars are created equal. You may had stumbled across a gray area beggar who suddenly suffered a great loss forcing him/her to resort temporarily to begging.

    I believe true love and for human beings erases any suspicions/doubts.

  8. Listen, it's not that I don't care about them but if you are in Kuwait you are more than likely on a visa sponsored by someone and if not you are here illegally and should go back to your country. I work hard for my money to pay for my kid's schooling so why should I give it away to someone who has a husband and is taking advantage of people?

    I give Zakat that goes to the truly needy people and I trust it will be given with the best intentions, there is Zakat house for those who are law abiding citizens needing help so only those who come to the country on a visit visa to beg and then go back home should not be considered. If you choose to do so then it is YOUR choice.

    I prefer to donate my time in volunteering or give to established charitable outlets again that is MY choice.


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