Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ramadan is Coming

Ramadan is just around the corner and Inshallah it will start on Aug 9 or 10 which means the country pretty much closes down for a month. If anyone has any business with the Ministries or things to take care of then you should do it within the next 2 weeks. Once Ramadan starts the country is pretty much a ghost town until sunset. I will write about Ramadan etiquette later as I wanted to post a reminder to get your business done soon!


  1. I heard it starts August 11? I will be arriving in Kuwait on Aug. 12 in the afternoon. I've never been there before. What should I expect? I'm a contractor starting a job out there and have been following your blog. I am so entertained and enlightened! Thank you for sharing with the world your thoughts and experiences

  2. I am leaving to work in Kuwait today (July 25). My employer moved my departure from Aug. 15th to July 25th. I suspect that Ramadan may have played into their decision. I am arriving on a visitor's visa. I just hope that they can get my work vis before the country shuts down.

  3. I think it will start Aug 10. When you arrive to Kuwait it will be more quiet than usual. During the day no one is out and there's no eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking even if you're a non-Muslim. If you are caught you will go to jail until Ramadan ends and depending on the cop's mood. Don't be shocked if you find Muslim people not fasting, they are usually hiding out in their offices and when foreigners arrive they let their guard down and will eat along with them. People shouldn't be loud and expect drivers to be out of control when sunset comes. They are racing home to break their fast. As soon as sunset happens then Kuwaiti is alive again. These are a few pointers for the newbies :)

  4. Its sad but true! Everything comes to a hold! Drives me nuts! I go many days without eating during day time, doesn't stop my work production!

    Whats sad is that they use Ramadan as an excuse to take an extended vacation! Coming to work only an hour or two!

  5. thanks dear .. your blog is full with useful unformation :)

    waiting for the next bost about ramadan


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