Saturday, April 2, 2011

First step of doll making Completed

I guess we didn't realize how much sewing we would have to do to make dolls. I took my daughters, my mother and my sister with me. My fingers are sore from being stuck but it was fun. We had a bag of supplies to make the dolls as well as needles and different color threads. First step was sewing up the doll, that took almost 2 hours. What can I say none of us sew.

We were interrupted by a group of kids touring Sadu House. They saw us making the dolls and surrounded us stepping all over my purse and all talking at once asking us questions in Arabic. The teacher asked us for pictures, um no paparazzi please. Finally they left and we continued our sewing. At the end we moved on to the clothing but had to take it home for homework as we didn't finish in time.

It was really fun and the British lady who helped us was extremely patient with us. She had drinks, tea and cookies for us also. I love Sadu House, it's so beautiful and old school. It's too bad those kind of houses aren't built anymore. It's also a small textile museum with some old dresses and weaved items.

The starting point of my doll....

Starting to stuff it.....

The final product. I was going to give it a J-Lo booty, next doll maybe.

Ok, so her head is a bit lop sided and her arms stick straight out but I'd say I did a pretty good job for my first doll. Next Saturday should be the final product........ Stay tuned!

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