Monday, April 4, 2011

Second Sand Storm

Another lovely day in Kuwait. My mom and sister woke me up extremely early to let me know there was a sand storm coming and to tape up the windows. By 11 a.m. there was no sign of it so I gave up. I got ready to go out around 11:45 a.m. and there was the storm covering everything. So much for going out right? Around 3 p.m. the storm was gone and only sand remained.

You never know what to expect.

The storm covering everything.

Lovely view of Abu Halaifa...

Just enough dust to make people sick...

Muddy rain drops followed the storm.


  1. Abu Halifa you say? Ocean Plus building by any chance? If so then we're neighbor's. Have you been to the new co-op yet, it's pretty good and about 5 min walk from the O P building.

  2. Are you in the Ocean Plus building in Abu Halaifa? if so then we're neighbors. Have you been to the new co-op that's opened? It great for fresh food and about 5 min walk from the O.P building.


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