Friday, April 15, 2011

LuLu Hypermarket-Qurain

The new LuLu Hypermarket in Qurain (like grain) is my new favorite place to shop. It's 3 stories and filled with all kinds of American products. They have baked goods and cakes that are really good. It's located in Qurain area which I think is exit 208 and you take that straight down to a roundabout and it's off to the left. I've always known about LuLu Hypermarket (funny name) but the old locations were not real clean and extrememly crowded but this place is beautiful.

They have electronics, furniture, clothing and of course food items. I like to be able to shop for everything in one place. It's clean and well lit. There is always someone around if you have questions. The only thing I found negative was the meat. They don't have family packs of meat, only individual pieces, I guess I will still have to go to Sultan Center for meat but overall I love it. I still haven't gone upstairs because I get too tired shopping. I usually spend 2 hours there.

There are many cashiers so the lines aren't too long and they are pretty quick to finish your transaction. I stop by the pretzel shop on my way out. When I start my diet I will have to pass it up. It gets crowded at night, I think the best time to go is in the morning or early afternoon. You will find the expats shopping then. Outside LuLu you will find a couple shops. The inside looks like the old Kuwaiti boats.


Inside the mall..

Fruits and vegetables..

Imported fruits..

Escalator to the upper floors..


There were signs everywhere saying no photography. I risked jail time for these undercover pics..hahaha


  1. I love this place! The only issue I had when they first opened was the deli. I ordered turkey and when the Filipino sliced the meat she didn't have a clue how to do it. She cut her finger and started bleeding. Then she wraps the meat up, weighs it and gives it to me. I was stunned and rejected the meat. I love Turkey but would never go to their deli again. However, I do shop there and love it.

    1. Are u sure the crew is Filipino?Then why you did not approach the supervisor or the manager?Next time dont be so racist and dont mention any nationalities here or anywhere!

  2. Ewww thanks for warning me. I love it too, maybe one day I will have enough energy to make it to the top floor.

  3. lulu is ok, but be careful of buying electronics from places like lulu. check their returns policy. carrefour and sultan center have better returns policies, tho sultan don't have the same range. Geant also have a better return policy, tho i know someone who bought a vacuum cleaner used it once and it had a problem , and they refused to accept it as it'd been used, tho i don't think they tried hard enough as they should have accepted it. It's hard to get used to stores here who don't like to have good returned, as opposed to the UK where they have no problem about accepting returns and giving refunds. even places like eureka and alghanims have the most primitive returns policy.
    You're not missing too much by not going upstairs at lulu - small toy section with some counterfeit games (monopoly!), lots of clothes, shoe section (managed to get some reeboks cheap there).
    Personally i like to go round different stores and helps me to know where the cheapest places are to buy the products we use, so i don't have any loyalty to any particular store, tho i should as i worked for one of them for 15 years. And whilst Lulu has a good range and some items cheaper than sultan, i also know that if i'm going to shuwaikh i can save 10% on my daughters fruit juices at the army co-op and 10% on kd cow flavoured milk at sultan shuwaikh, so as i buy them in bulk it's worth the trip to get them, especially with petrol being so cheap.
    Anyhow like your blog, interesting, as i'm sort of the reverse of you (UK male married to kuwaiti female) and have been in Q8 20 years in total, and always thought about doing something like this but wouldn't know where to start, plus i'm far too lazy.

  4. Yeah I agree with you on the return policy. I had 2 hairdryers in my basket, I chose one but forgot to take out the other one and my husband lost the receipt. We returned it but it was a hassle. The Manager came and inspected the box and made sure we didn't use it finally they gave us credit for it. I also shop around to find the best prices. LuLu doesn't have a great beef selection and the Sultan center in Fahaheel has closed their meat section, I guess to redo it or something so I'm still looking for a decent place to get meat. I did go upstairs and my husband and I had a good time looking at all the crap they have. He tried on the lovely straw hats, yeah we get carried away but it's fun.

    Staring a blog is the easy part, it's the rude comments from outside people that is a pain in the butt. Most people have no concept of this place and think I'm so bad. I really don't care as I put info up both good and bad. 20 years is a looong time. I bet you have some stories to tell about how Kuwait was 20 years ago!

  5. is the one in Grain, next to any other land mark? this is fantastic ive been wondering where the new lulu hypermarket was.

  6. Yes, this is the new one in Grain and it's really nice.


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