Monday, April 18, 2011

Safat Al-Ghanim Furniture Store

After coming back from the states I had to buy all new furniture. I found some really nice couch sets at Safat Al-Ghanim in Shuwakh. It's not too far from Avenues. They have really nice live plants as well as kid's furniture. There's furniture in different styles that will fit everyone's taste. The prices are pretty good especially if they are having a sell.

When you need a break from shopping you can grab some coffee from Starbuck's. If you're in the mood for buying a car or some electronics that have that too. It's all in one place, electronics, furniture and cars which is totally a one stop shopping place to go.

Huge couch outside..

The live plants, they have really nice bonsai trees.

The kids furniture area.

The more modern styles.


Happy Shopping!


  1. I have 3 bad experiences with Alghanim store. 1st we wanted to buy an electrical oven with stove and when we were about to pay , the price increased due to the mistake when tagging the price. 2nd incident was when buying a refrigerator again we were about to pay when they said that the last piece is one from the display! Dirty, dented and scratched for the same price as new??? 3rd incident was a mistaken delivery. They brought totally different couch then purchased! Instead of apology and speedy replacement they asked if I like this delivered one, so I can keep it! IT Was in totally different color! OMG!!! Since then i decided my foot will not enter any Alghanim store! it's not about the products it's about zero customer service and underqualified staff! It's a shame...

  2. Midas hands down has always been , and will be the best when it comes to furniture for your home and value.
    They aways have new things coming in every week and have some really trendy as well as classic designs

  3. Plz tell me iss electric strove is better or gas ????electric strove takes more time compare to gas strove

  4. Actually I don't know, I've always had gas stoves here but I would like to try out the electric. Do you have electric? I hate gas because of the huge cylinders I have to use and it's a total hazard. Let me know.

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