Wednesday, April 27, 2011

US citizen goes naked in hospital

Come on you guys! Gross, eww, eww have you seen some of these contractor guys? It's bad enough to see them with their clothes on but naked? When I came here in 2004 Americans were respected but as the years went by and the contractors started getting caught for fraud, selling drugs and being arrogant and now the Kuwaities have slowly started to hate their presence here. Now the naked drunk guy? This is an all time low! People tend to forget their single actions actually reflect upon the United States as a whole, people here think we are all the same. They don't know that their are different kinds of Americans instead they link us all together. I hope he goes to jail and loses his job and gets deported, serves him right for being a disgrace to the US.

US citizen goes naked in hospital: "US citizen goes naked in hospital
KUWAIT CITY, April 26: A case of indecent behavior has been filed against an unidentified US citizen at the Mina Abdullah Police Station for taking off his clothes in front of nurses at the Adan Hospital, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
The man was allegedly fully drunk and the incident happened when he was taken to the hospital for treatment.
It has also been reported the man picked up a fight with the paramedics and the hospital staff at the hospital reception.
When he turned boisterous, the hospital staff overpowered and controlled him."

I hope his nickname isn't Bubba. Yuck!

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