Thursday, April 7, 2011

Planet Hollywood Kuwait

After leaving the hospital and getting my cast off we decided to get something to eat while in Salmiya. I hardly go to Salmiya anymore because of the crowds and traffic. We saw Planet Hollywood had opened. I had visited Planet Hollywood in Dubai and in San Diego so I wanted to check out Kuwait's version.

It's located across from the Aquarium in Salmiya, you can see the Planet Hollywood sign from the road as pictured below. If you take that entrance you will have to walk down stairs. That was a little painful for me but I made it. You can also take the main entrance through the main doors of the huge building and take the escalator down.

It opened on March 24th. They gave us a cute freebie drink, always love those freebies. The decorations were cool. It was smaller than most locations but still had all of the items from celebs hanging around. A life like Terminator and his motorcycle.

We took a look at the menu, there's not much to choose from. I remembered they were famous for their burgers so I ordered a B-B-Q burger. The waitress was very very new as she had to take a look at the menu to see what I was talking about. I ordered nachos for the appetizer. It took what felt like an eternity to get our food considering there was hardly anyone there. The nachos were really bad. The chips were double fried and microwaved so badly I couldn't chew them. I sent them back for buffalo wings but ended up canceling them.

The burgers were finally brought out. I guess I expected more but got a dry burger with not so great fries. I ate half of it and decided to leave. When you wait 45 minutes and get a cold burger it just ruins the feel for the place. It's a typical scenario in Kuwait. A new restaurant opens but it takes months for it to be good. Hard Rock still has the BEST nachos. The steaks and ribs are a little expensive as you can see on the menu.

Outside sign..

Front of the place...

Freebie drink....

My not so hot burger.....

Some menu prices...

The Terminator..


This is only my opinion. Visit to form your own.


  1. glanced at the menu you's a bit pricey compared to the other restaurants you mentioned

  2. Yep, it is. That's why I took a pic of the menu so people can see how much it is before you go there. I ordered the burger which wasn't too much but more than chili's or applebee's and less appealing. I didn't finish it anyways.

  3. now planet holliwood is more worst today, Egypcian are taking over the operations, the smell inside of the restaurant is terrible


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