Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will Heritage Village ever be Completed?

I'm sure most people have seen the block across from Sharq Mall which is supposed to be the location of Kuwait's "Heritage Village". Until now it hasn't been completed even though they started the project in 2007. Does anyone know what happened to it? I tried to contact the real estate company but all the contact numbers and email aren't working. I was really looking forward to it being built and hope one day it can be completed.

They have pictures of what it's supposed to look like on their website (link). I didn't see any updates past 2010. 


  1. Hello you are in kuwait ! We kuwaiti people heared about some futures projects like metro , bridge to failaka island and other . But we didn't see any of thies projects . The responsable for all this is ministry of public works as you can see many projects in progress in thier website
    The website is avaliable only in arabic language , You can translate the website by using google translater .

  2. The project is on hold because there are currently some issues between the Municipality Council and ministers

    The Heritage Village will include pre-oil buildings (several mosques dating back to 1810-1850, Dickson House, pre-oil Diwaniyas) as well as a replica of a pre-oil era neighborhood in Kuwait.


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