Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cow slaughter outside my Window

Yesterday was quite a day for me. I woke up to my daughter telling me there's a cow downstairs in the dirt lot. I saw a poor cow in the back of a truck that had been there all night and it was so tired. I took my kids to see it and the worker guy told me it was for the Eid and they were going to butcher it. That afternoon we returned home to find the Indian workers had hog tied the cow and was going to butcher them right there in front of the apartments in front of everyone. I started yelling at them from the window and threw an egg to get their attention. I had just came back from the hospital with a sprained ankle and couldn't move fast enough and hoped to get there before they killed it.

I hobbled down to the dirt lot and went over to the cow and started yelling at them not to kill it there. I guess it really shocked them and they got confused. I told them in Arabic to take it somewhere else and kill it not in front of kids. Finally a old Kuwaiti man and the haris backed me up. The next step was to get the cow back on the truck and that took forever. It was one of the saddest things I saw and I couldn't let it happen that day.

Here is the videos, caution it's pretty graphic:

The second part:

I tried to explain to them that it was a dairy cow not a cow to eat but I don't think anyone cares here. This is definitely not the halal way of killing an animal and they should be ashamed and punished for what they did.


  1. This is absolutely appalling! I'm so glad you were able to get them to stop. I know people think it's hypocritical to eat animals yet not want to see them slaughtered, but the process is entirely different. Not to mention, the poor cow was truly suffering, haram. Good for you for taking a stand on behalf of the animals!

  2. You cannot apply your American Culture wherever and whenever you want.

  3. Hello there,

    First of all, I sincerely hope that your sprained ankle is feeling better now..

    I read your post and if I may post my opinion here and clarify a few points.

    Of course you are aware that each muslim who is rich enough has to offer one sheep to the poor by Eid time.

    Slaughtering in the street in Kuwait is banned by law. But in other countries like in Egypt, its not.

    So if you walk down the streets in Egypt in that specific day. The streets are covered in red. Blood from the sheep and water that was used to clean the aftermath.

    The islamic way of slaughtering is the most humane way used worldwide to kill an animal. And the most hygenic.

    And I can understand your concern about not slaughtering the animal infront of children. But we do it in Egypt all the time, after spending a few minutes explaining to our children that we do this so we can feed the poor from the meat that will come out of this animal, and that slaughtering the animal in the islamic way is the most humane way to kill an animal. And then we do it.

    Add to that, the muslim who is sacrificing this animal to the poor should do it himself. And if he cant, he should at least be there, and whitness the slaughtering process. And this rule was made trying to avoid rich people ordering people to do this on their behalf, as this might make the poor feel unworthy or anything like that. The guy has to be there, and distribute the meat himself. So Islam minds the feelings of the poor people in this regard.

    Anyways, what really got to me from reading your post, was that you threw an egg at them. ( trying to get their attention ). That is more cruel to me than what they were trying to do. ( They were trying to feed the poor, by islamic slaughtering of an animal ). You tried to stop them by breaking an innocent egg.

    Have a nice day.

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  5. barbaric religion barbaric customes huh?


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