Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hoodlums breaking bus Windows

On Friday, the last night of Ramadan I was on my way home around 8 pm when I stopped at the traffic light two cars behind a public transport bus. I notices a group of teenage boys gathered beside the bus and kicking and banging on the doors. They pulled the rubber off one of the windows and the glass came crashing down. As I pulled up with my camera they were in shock to see me filming their faces and took off running. Later on I saw two of the boys from the incident walking on the street close to my building. I went to the Abu Halaifa police station to report the incident.

When I arrived there were four policemen sitting on their butts drinking tea and chit chatting which was not surprising at all. I showed one of the guys my video and reported to them what I saw. They couldn't care less about the situation. The officer told me " yeah ok, I will send someone out there" BS he didn't send anyone even though I told them exactly where the boys were.

I decided to take a drive around the area and spotted them in front of their apartment building. They got the shocked when they saw me pull up again with my camera recording them. They took off running as I caught them on video. I pulled around to the front of their building and a greasy Arab mechanic guy came up to me asking what happened. I told him I saw them break the windows and his response was that everyone knows they are trouble makers and just go on. I told him it was people like him who enable these kids to continue to terrorize everyone.

No one cares, not the parents, police or witnesses and that's why the violence continues. Everyone chooses to look the other way until they become victims.


  1. How sad!!!!!!!!! One person can make a difference
    I hope u go back so they can make this kids pay for what they did.

  2. Since your husband is a Kuwaiti police officer you should show him the video and ask him to check the area you think they might live. Or at least ask him to take an official report for you. I hope the catch these little trashy, ill-mannered, brats.

  3. All the police station in kuwait are careless . It's will be better if you take the bus driver to the police station and in that case maybe the police will positively react with you.


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