Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old Kuwaiti house near Kuwait City

 My husband took me to this house near Kuwait City. I guess he thought it was some kind of museum but it turns out to be a place that sells expensive Moroccan items. When we entered the house was loaded with Moroccan furniture, doors, tables and so much more. When we asked about a beautiful ornate door we were told it was over 1000KD. not within our budget. As I took pictures a Moroccan lady came and told me I couldn't take pictures because of people copying the items or something like that.

I wasn't interested in the items only the house itself. After some chit chat we left but I couldn't get over the beauty of the house. So simple yet so elegant.

They do have beautiful Moroccan pieces, I guess I will have to visit my in-laws in Morocco to get a better deal.

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