Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kuwaiti police officers are on the Prowl

Gone are the days of Kuwaiti police officers playing cards and sipping tea on the side of the road. They still let their friends and tribal family members go even if they committed an offense, one nose kiss and hand shake and they are on their way even if they committed a grave act, I guess that will never change. But these days the arrogant officers are on the prowl looking for expats to pick on. Expats should be warned that if they are given a written citation the officer probably added an extra offense and if you sign for it you're liable for that even if you didn't do it.

A friend of mine was not using their blinker and was going 130, they were pulled over by a young bedoo guy with bad teeth who thought he could speak English. The officer asked my friend if they drive like that in the states WTF? Like this bedoo has ever been in the US? Anyways he gave my friend a ticket and my friend signed it. Later on my friend went to pay it and was surprised to see a "running a red light" offense written on their even though the even took place off of highway 30, where's the red light? They were also cited for not cooperating, I guess the guy was pissed that my friend got off the exit and pulled over instead of on the highway. All of this is written in Arabic of course so one may try to fight it but that's a bunch of court dates and wasted time.

I got pulled over yesterday by some Mutairi guy with 2 little stars or hats or something on his shoulder. He was so cocky it was disgusting. What was even worse was that he a had a little skinny bedoo recruit with him so of course he had to use me as an example. I was a few feet away from the base exit, I almost made it but not quite. He pulled in front of me and backed up. As he came walking toward my car he saw that I was female and since he couldn't get to my window they proceeded to go to the passenger side and open up my freaking door. WTF? Luckily I had my husband on the phone and he heard me yell at the guy to shut the door.

I was aware of the officers writing extra offenses so I told my husband I didn't want to sign it as I don't read Arabic so he talked to the officer and the officer told him my offense and of course he added and extra one in there and I was pissed so I refused to sign it, well that jerk took my DL and now I will have to go to court and so on to get it back. They probably thought I was some typical American female and they felt they could just come and open up my door like nothing.

People BEWARE of the cops especially females. Lock your doors and roll down the window just enough to speak to them. My husband said I should've signed it and wrote "don't agree" beside my name so I could fight it. If you can secretly record it then I would because you never know what their intentions are and these days everyone has it out for Westerners.

Hell hath no fury like a bedoo with power!

Below are some articles about the recent complaints and actions of police officers in Kuwait:

More than 300 complaints were lodged against police officers during the first eight months of this year — up by ten percent compared to the same period last year, a local daily reported yesterday quoting sources with knowledge of official Interior Ministry statistics.

Speaking to Al-Qabas on the condition of anonymity, the sources indicated that disciplinary measures were taken against 50 officers found guilty of the accusations, including nine policemen who served jail terms for abuse of power.

And while indicating that investigations are still ongoing in some of the reported cases, the sources said that there have been cases in which complaints were shelved due to lack of evidence.

Furthermore, the sources noted that at least 1200 officers failed to report to report to work without an excuse since the beginning of 2012. (link)

Another example of Kuwait police officers doing their "job":

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: A 20-year-old Kuwaiti citizen and a 22-year-old Kuwaiti girl were arrested recently for indulging in immoral activities inside a vehicle in Capital Governorate. However, after the arrest, the woman revealed that the securitymen promised to settle the issue amicably if she accepted their mobile numbers and kept in touch with them.

According to security sources, two traffic officers from Capital Traffic Department were patrolling the area when they suspected a vehicle that was parked near a commercial complex. Screens were placed on the windows of the vehicle but when securitymen checked through it, they caught a woman sitting on a man’s lap at the back seat of the vehicle and kissing him.

The securitymen ordered them to come out of the vehicle and present their Civil IDs, which revealed that they are Kuwaiti citizens.

They were referred to the police station and during interrogations, they revealed that they were discussing about an earlier dispute between them at the back seat when securitymen demanded them to come out of the vehicle.

They revealed that the securitymen tried to convince the woman to take their mobile numbers if she did not want them to register case against her and the man but she had refused their demands, after which they took them to the police station.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the real circumstances behind the incident. (link)

They are out to get everyone (except their tribal relatives) so be aware and be cautious.


  1. only if the state focused on ensuring the the hiring of more educated and disciplined that also includes respecting each one in the state whether its an expat from any country or a citizen.

  2. Mind you, your blog is edgy, but this post is downright RACIST.
    'Bedu' "Mutairi' ????????
    Do you say 'Nigger' or other racial slurs while in the USA, young lady?
    Do you know Bediouns personally? (Oh, you may say 'I know GOOD Bediouns...')
    Racist, you are and spreading vicious stereotyping....(do you like it when Arabs think American girls are hussies? do you think your stereotyping isnice?)
    Go ahead put this on yor blog, I dare you

  3. Hmmm.... looks like I upset grandma.. lol Well truth be told the guy's last name WAS Mutairi and as we all know they are bedoo. DUH! Yallah granny go take your high blood pressure pills and chillax! Don't like it, don't read it! SIMPLE!

  4. maybe they'll put a sticker in my pickup saying 'boycott crazy in kuwait'

    seriously though, you're not doing anything for cross-cultural understanding, you think?!

  5. Since when is calling a member of the Mutairi tribe a bedu suddenly become a racist remark? Sounds like time for another protest in Flag Square!!!!!!!!!!!!Yallah Yallah

  6. Boycott moi? Last time I checked I don't work for the UN or a Human Rights organization so if telling it like it is happens to be wrong then so be it. I don't sugar coat it, it is what it is, like it or leave it. There are plenty of fufu blogs out there talking about purses and shoes so go read them since you can't handle this one.

  7. My husband is bedu and from a very large tribe in Kuwait. I'm not at all offended by the post, and I highly doubt my husband would be either. Though I do admit, I can certainly understand how some would be. But, you're never going to please everyone and I can respect being yourself, more than being fake. Personally, I think a little more cultural sensitivity could have helped make your point. Otherwise it seems to be lost by what some are offended by.

    Regarding the topic of the post, I haven't personally encountered any police issues so I can't share that. I can say I live in a 100% bedu area of Kuwait and it's one of the safest areas I know of -- though some would beg to differ. Yet those 'some' have probably never even been here. I don't feel Police Officers have the right to discriminate. Since your husband is a Kuwaiti Police Officer it might have been in your best interest to have him talk to the Officer who stopped you, it might have saved you a lot of headache in the long run. At the end of the day, it's their country, not ours.

  8. Are the Mutairi tribe now denying their bedu roots???

  9. AG, how ya doing? Well we can't please everyone all of the time.

    1. Doing wonderful thank you. And you? Hopefully your driver's license gets returned to you soon and you don't have to spend tooooooo much time at a government office :)

  10. Mutairi are the most senior positioned tribe in most of arabia and there is a reason which is because they are natural fighters. Do not hate on them ofcourse they will be rough around the corners its genetic :p

  11. There is nothing wrong with the mutairi tribe or bedoos. Watch who ur messing with before you upload this type of content . ~M6airi and proud

  12. Mabrook. I told the truth about what happened so like it or leave it.

  13. It doesnt matter if you say the truth or not keep it to yourself . And watch that attitude with me before i cut your tongue off.

  14. You just proved that you are an animal by what you wrote. My husband will cut off your nuts so you watch out as well.


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