Sunday, September 9, 2012

Service at Wataniya main Branch

Wataniya main branch has moved from the old building in Sharq to another building close to Sharq Mall. I think the service was better at the old branch. There were 4 employees working when I went there and a lot of customers waiting for services. One chick pictured in the grey was doing nothing but looking at the computer, the guy working at the second desk got up and walked to the back room while the other 2 females decided to get together with the chick in grey and pass around their phone which went on for 10 minutes while 10 customers sat waiting.

This is the kind of service expected from the ministries but from public companies as well? Females really don't give a crap at all about customer service, they are the first ones to be chatting and laughing on their phones while customers stand there looking at them. When you do get their attention they usually have no idea what's going on and pass you off to someone else or tell you to come back tomorrow. Will this ever end? No wonder companies hire citizens and pay them to stay home lol

My husband tried to find a manager to complain to but there was no one around. He knocked on the back door and the guy came out 5 minutes later and was like "can I help you?" Really? Just go back to your room dude, you are useless.


  1. 100% not true! I was there that night and they were busy because the branch was crowded! You cannot judge them when you dont know whats going on! FYI: you cannot post people's pictures without asking them! I or them or anyone can sue you!

  2. We can't judge them? Really? You must be one of the employees, when there are 20 people sitting around and all the reps disappear at one time what does that mean? Don't try to hide the obvious ok! When 3 chicks are giggling and not giving a crap about customers we have the right to complain. Always someone trying to make excuses that's why the service is what it is in this country. Why don't you fix the problem instead?

  3. We apologize for the inconvenience and we regret this incident has
    occurred. We assure you that Wataniya management is looking into this

    We will be contacting you soon via the email address provided on your
    contact page.

  4. Thanks, I think, this post wasn't meant to get anyone in trouble, it was posted to bring attention to the on going problem of people not really caring about customers. Maybe some additional customer service training would suffice.


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