Thursday, September 13, 2012

6-month ‘visit’ visa gap to be Enforced

6-month ‘visit’ visa gap to be enforced:

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 10: The Ministry of Interior, in compliance with directives from First Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Jaber, will not issue visit visas to visitors of Kuwait until six months after their previous visit. Even though these instructions were issued few years ago, they were not being strictly implemented, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality Affairs and Passports Major General Abdullah Al-Rashid issued a notice in this regard, which was circulated in the General Immigrations Department.

Informed sources revealed that the ministry will also limit the issuance of dependant visas after several applications from expatriate guardians were received at the ministry.

This would cut down on all of the illegals who stay in the country and get visa after visa instead of working legally. It would hurt some of the subcontracting companies who work for the US military as some of them never get their employees a visa 18 but send them to Bahrain and back every 3 months. A friend of mine said back in 2003 when things started up in Kuwait with the US military Kuwait was actually enforcing the 6 month period and most contractors would do 3 months and be sent home for 6 months. I guess Kuwait started to like the money they were getting from contracting companies but now have worn out their welcome.


  1. Hi there & thanks for your blogging exploits :)

    Do you know if this covers tourist visas as well? My wife and daughter travel from the UK every 4 months or so to visit for a couple of weeks; I'm hoping this won't affect them.


  2. I think they are botht he same visa. It's all talk now, who knows when or if they will enforce it.


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