Friday, September 14, 2012

Kuwaiti slaps one of our Drivers

This morning one of our American bus drivers was harassed by a Kuwaiti driver. The car was cutting the bus off then slowing down. Unfortunately the driver made the choice of pulling over to confront the Kuwaiti which led to the Kuwaiti guy slapping the US driver twice and then trying to get on the bus until he realized it was full of Americans ready to beat his @$$.

I would have pulled over behind the guy and once he got out of his car I would hit the gas and leave him in the dust, I've done this before, it's rather funny to see the look on the guy's face. But I would never ever willingly open my window for anyone, it can get dangerous that way.


  1. NOT ALL KUWAITI PEOPLE LIKE THIS!! Why you are living in kuwait if you dont like it? Please go die kuwaiti people are so kind you can live in US im kuwaiti and i dont want anyone to talk about my countrey this waayy!!!

  2. Chab zain. Who said all Kuwaiti are like this ya ghabby? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED to one of our drivers in the real world of Kuwait so don't cry you big baby.

  3. I like how Kuwaitis who seem to spew hatred towards towards ex-pats like Americans and others, and treat the TCN's like shit. Seems as if it werent for all the ex-pats, absolutely nothing would get done in Kuwait. Between inshallah and yaller, nothing happens and soon enough the place will fall apart.


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