Friday, September 28, 2012

fix*us- Fix USA

One of CIK's readers ask me to post about their initiative to fix the US.

What is fix*us?
"Fix US" is a social movement to help the public realize that the voices of citizens do matter and that citizens can offer solutions to mend the open wounds of this country. The concept is to find the solutions to these problems in the places where people seem the least likely to look: within each of us.

Why we came up with this idea:

As this country gears up for the impending presidential election of 2012, citizens are recognizing the issues that will ultimately affect us and influence our voting decisions. Among those issues, some reach us on a very personal level that can't be ignored:
  • The Economy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Immigration
  • Health Care
  • Social Issues
Can the average citizen make the choices and decisions required of the president? We think so and we want everyones input as to how to steer this country in the right direction.

"Fix US" asks you how to fix the US by sharing your solutions with a broad audience of fellow citizens who are - like you - concerned, but optimistic about the possibilities for positive change. (link)

Good luck!

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