Thursday, September 5, 2013

Expats have an advantage when renting in Kuwait

Everyday expats complain about Kuwaiti citizens and their actions. Have any expats thought about their advantages over Kuwaiti citizens? You can finance cars easier, you can end up with better jobs and salaries than locals even with locals getting that extra 250 KD and the biggest perk expats get in this country is being able to rent apartments/flats. Several Kuwaiti citizens I know can't find apartments due to the Kuwaiti owners discriminating against their own people. When a Kuwaiti (who isn't loaded and has no wasta) wants to rent an apartment they are first tested by the rental office expat with a series of questions about their family name, salary and information about their wife having a job or not.

If a citizen likes the apartment they must pass the Kuwaiti owner course which means being looked up and down from head to toe, having the owner see what kind of car you drive, what is your family name and IF he likes the local they will have to pay a deposit equal to the rent amount (which you will never see again, they say "deposit" but it's really free money because they will find some way to take it all) plus 2 months rent and finally half month rent amount to the office. My sister who is American with Kuwait nationality can't find an apartment now that she is no longer married, why, because she is still considered Kuwaiti even if she was originally American.

There are are two kinds of Kuwaiti citizens, rich and not rich. Those that are rich have wasta, money and power. They control the country but don't know what it's like for the non-rich people and expats. Does anyone think the rich people have ever went to a government hospital for anything? Doubt it, but they are on the committee and decide what actions to take for the health system. Will any of these people put a stop to the uncontrollable rent increase? Doubt it considering they are the ones making money off of these deals.

When will Kuwait unite again? Will there ever be a time when Kuwaiti citizens protect each other instead of trying to be better than the next? Considering they are the minority population one would think they would unite and grow instead of dividing the country further. The expat communities have better unity than Westerners and local citizens.

For example: When an Indian expat comes to Kuwait he is instantly taken into his community in Kuwait, they help him with finding a job if needed, housing and transportation. American citizens don't really help their fellow citizens with jobs as they think the new guy might take his job, they can be mean especially if you're not in their click or a Mason, they also tend to separate by color. Everything is getting more expensive but salary is not matching the "growth". Greed rules this country which is quite sad when other GCC countries are growing and leaving this place in the dust.

Well, I had my ranting and raving which made for a long story but these things can make you "crazy in Kuwait".


  1. Hello, this is an old post but I want to mention something.
    yes, is true that kuwaities face obstacles in renting a flat specially single kuwaity women
    But, why is that?What makes the owners behave like that?
    Because kuwaities DON T PAY!!!
    And owners doesn t want headache following them for money!
    Of course not all kuwaities are like that but most!
    I am kuwaity and I own a nursery playschool
    I face similar problem with kuwaities
    They dont pay the school fees on time or dont pay at all
    This summer I want to give the parents as a present for their kids full summer classes for only 20 KD each month.
    People were happy, excited,they all rush to registered the kids, but when about paying, what do you think??Many were saying the common words:inshaalah tomorow , after tomorrow, when I will get my salary, how?the father did not pay, walahi walahi I will bring the fees this afternoon, realy I dont have now etc etc
    People want to say they dont have 20 kd on their pocket?But for sure brought new clothes for Eid, went to salon or in a second trow away 20 kd ir more for restaurant.
    Patetic!!And very disapointing!

  2. I agree, if it were my school their children wouldn't be allowed. As an American I see the only way to deal with them is to be mean and straight, money up front or no deal. If they feel as if you are strong and will not take their crap they will not take advantage. When first meeting someone in business they are like a vulture hovering over an animal, testing it, if the animal puts up a fight then the vulture will move on the easier prey. I am never nice when meeting someone, if I trust them I will show them my true colors but that comes in time. Good luck!


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