Friday, September 20, 2013

Into Narnia Auditions

Sorry, this is a little late posting but it benefits a great cause.

In Nov/Dec 2013 we will be performing Into Narnia, which will be for the Bayt Abdullah Children's Hospice and that is our annual charity show. All the proceeds from tickets, etc. go directly to the Hospice to help the children who have cancer in looking for cures, paying for their medication and treatment, and any other needs they may have. We will be holding auditions for Into Narnia on the 19th of September for children and the 21st of September for adults. All the information is on the flyer I have attached. I am kindly asking if you could advertise this flyer on behalf of One World Actors Centre in hopes that we can get the word out not only regarding the auditions but also to raise awareness for the hospice. The more seats we fill the more money goes towards helping these children.

It sounds like a beautiful show, I'm looking forward to attending. Great Job!

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