Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Car crashes in Kuwait

Almost every day I come across some kind of crash. Unfortunately this Camaro belongs to a friend of mine and he got smashed up while reversing out of a parking spot in the grocery store parking lot. A female driving a sunny raced down the parking area and didn't see him pulling out, smashed into him and kept going with his fender stuck in her grill. He managed to get her tag number and went to the police department to file a report.
The lovely police officer told him it was his fault and ticketed him and the female was not held liable for any damage which will cost more than 300KD to fix. So, to all of you who reverse out of a parking spot make sure you be very careful as it will be your fault if someone hits you. Sincerely, Kuwait police.
Accident on the way to work. I still don't understand how he got hit by a street sweeper considering they travel around 10 km or less on the streets.
The moral of the post is be careful when reversing and street sweepers pack a mean punch.
Another crashed car being towed.


  1. This is a sad news. Car drivers should always be careful when driving not just for their own safety but for pedestrians too! Too bad not all drivers are keen to safety. Trending subjects like wedding, family, auto loans, home loan and even online shopping are always valuable and I absolutely recommend reading this kind of updates. Well done!

  2. This is not good news that a car crashed in Kuwait! Before driving on the road, the car driver should be conscious about pedestrians and for their own safety too. It is the important things people always neglect. I'm not happy to hear this sad news.


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