Monday, September 2, 2013

Legal action threatened by the owner of Better Books and Cafe

Yesterday I updated a prior post about the re-opening of Better Books and Cafe and this morning I had this email from Maxine, the owner of the store threatening me with legal action if I don't take down my latest post. I agreed to take it down because I don't want another 248am/Mark lawsuit. The post was based on a story from Kuwait Times which must have upset her. I have no problem with taking something down that I posted if it is actually wrong but I copied a public story from a news agency. She also told me my blog is being watched for harassing comments.

"As proprietress of Better Books (and I prefer to be known as a nice"Kuwaiti" lady) still very much under the investigation of the Ministry of Information, I ask you immediately take your latest post about Better Books off your blog.
I find full of mendacities which is detrimental to my continued business operations.
You are free to call me to get the record straight. My number is well posted on my Facebook page 666 37351.
Also, I regularly consult with a lawyer re my operations and the continued use of your site to spread lies about my business will be dealt with appropriately. Please do the right thing, remove it and call me for a more accurate story.
Maxine Meilleur666 37351"

I thought I was doing something good by reporting the re-opening but I guess not. I did take down the most recent post as per her request even though it wasn't personal just news.

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  1. Its understandable as she is already under a lot of stress due to the shop closure. Any idea why is Paradise lost banned in Kuwait. I thought that was a very old classic book which I don't think has any reason to get banned.

  2. Honestly no one knows the whole list of books, sometimes they pick and choose at random and as for her threat, well, I was only letting people know she was back in business and for her to threaten me due to no fault of my own that's really low.

  3. I read your post before about better books and i dont remember thinking there was anything wrong with it. Maybe its just a hard time for her and shes just trying to get things back to normal. I really wish someone would post do's and donts when it comes to reviewing restaurants, shops etc in Kuwait. No one wants to have to deal with what Mark did just for speaking their mind.

  4. There was a interview with this lady and the interview addressed my biggest doubt as to why Paradise Lost is banned.

    Q: Any idea why Paradise Lost, a classic of English Literature, taught in schools and colleges throughout the world, is banned here in Kuwait?
    A: In Islam and literarily stated in the Holy Quran, heaven and hell are locations or actual places. Paradise Lost is an allegory strongly implying that heaven and hell are states of mind. This directly contradicts the Quran. Many other books which directly contradict Kuwait’s culture, traditions, or religion are banned.

  5. I've heard three different stories as to why the bookstore was shut including being told by the haris of the building that the municipality shut it down because the signage was wrong. As for threatening you with a lawsuit, that was completely unnecessary and mean.


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