Sunday, April 17, 2016

Destination XL- Shop for Big Guys

If you're a big guy looking for name brand clothing you can find a nice store with a wide variety of styles and labels in Symphony Mall. Destination XL is located in the basement area, I had seen it before but figured it was just another store with cheaply made items with a hefty price tag. Since I had time to kill I decided to check it out the second time around and I was impressed.

It's a clean organized shop with everything a man could want including an area with larger size shoes. I think it's time for Al Shaya to bring Lane Bryant to Avenues, it's a wonderful store for big women as everyone deserves to find clothing that makes them feel good.

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  1. good variety yet but overpriced compared to online but the price schema they used is like avenues pricing which is again decent compared to Kuwait prices


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