Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zafran Indian Bistro- Lights Complex, Mahboula

Zafran Indian Bistro has moved their location from the top of Centre Point in Salmiya to Lights Complex in Mahboula, they are currently in their soft opening and will have the grand opening in May. I did a post about their new menu before and now they've revamped their whole design bringing in British designer Paul Bishop who gave them a beautifully designed restaurant. Of course the blues impressed me the most as it is my favorite color.

We started of with a variety of chutney and dipping sauces, our palates were questioned when we were asked to guess the main ingredient of the condiment down in the lower left corner. We were left stunned after we were told it was watermelon rind that had a crunchy sweet texture and flavor.
Our first starter was dahee kebob- deep fried yogurt and coriander dumplings, they were a little spicy but so good. (2.250)
Second starter was Aloo tikia- potato cutlets on a bed of chickpea masala another yummy dish (1.500)
Our main included the Kebab platter- chicken malai tikka, chicken tikka, Bhatti chicken, tandoori chicken and Seekh kebob, the chicken melted in your mouth and was perfectly seasoned. Words cannot describe how good the dish was (6.500)
On to the massive sized tandoori king prawns another outstanding plate of seafood (8.750)
The head chef and manager of Zafran
The biggest naan zafran I have ever seen! (2.000)

The best drink of the day was the fresh berry infused spritzer, the rose lemonade is also one to try
You can watch your meal being prepared in this glass kitchen
Outdoor seating is available as well

The restaurant is located in the Lights Complex in Mahboula, it's a white complex with many restaurants that are still being opened. If you're looking for a reasonably priced Indian restaurant with a fine dining feel check this restaurant out! They are on Talabat as well!

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