Monday, May 9, 2016

Show love for your wife- potential Arrest

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: In a very strange incident in Kuwait people at the Kuwait International Airport witnessed a peculiar behavior, reports Al-Rai daily.

A young man placed red roses on the floor of the arrival lounge in the shape of a heart and a gift to receive his girlfriend who arrived from an unidentified location.

According to eyewitness reports after a young woman in her 20s arrived, she stood in the middle of the heart and the young man kept looking at her smiling.

Deputy Director-General for Aviation Safety and Air Transportation Affairs Emad Al-Jalawi commenting on such behavior said “this is contrary to the customs and traditions of Kuwait and disrespect for this vital facility which is used by thousands of people from inside and outside Kuwait.

Al-Jalawi said it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior to stop such behavior and not the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Meanwhile, the Al-Anba daily quoting a security source said the young man is Lebanese and he was receiving his wife.

The couple is believed to be newlymarried. The source added that authorities did not take any action against the couple since they were newly-married and such reception is normal especially at the Kuwait International Airport.

It has also been reported the couple appears in a video clip on the social media standing in the middle of heart-shaped red roses embracing and kissing in front of people.

-----Show some affection for your wife???? That is against the law!! Love your wife??? No!
---Kuwait is full of angry people who want 0 happiness for others.


  1. I completely agree.

    Kuwait is full of angry, hateful miserable people. For someone who's sensitive to their surroundings, it really affects their health.

    The only people who seem to be enjoying the country are the white people who've been here for less than 3 years, after those 3 years hit, they start to become as miserable as the rest of us.

    The injustices done onto everybody starts to wear them down and they also start missing the freedoms they enjoyed elsewhere.

  2. " In a very strange incident in Kuwait people at the Kuwait International Airport witnessed a peculiar behavior..." Ok, What tha phuck?! Is this stranger and more peculiar than Egyptian brides getting off planes in full bridal gown and gear flanked by musicians and people throwing flowers? Or when people bring incendiary devices (poppers, basically with confetti and glitter) INTO the airport to greet returning relatives/graduates? Again, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! A gesture of romantic love gets people's panties in a wad; perhaps because they are envious- not having it themselves!

  3. It's not against the law and the couple were not arrested.

    Did you actually read the article?

    I don't understand where you got it from because "arrest" or "law" isn't mentioned anywhere in the article.

    1. "potential arrest' do you know what that means? It said the cops thought about arresting them but they didn't, so chill

    2. I doubt the cops "thought" of arresting them. The airport security are in charge of handling such matters. Arab Times is cheap tabloid journalism. I contacted several lawyers and nothing they did would result in arrest, even if they're unmarried. Valentines is widely celebrated in this country, all over the country in malls and shops you will find these things and in the major private schools, Valentines flowers are sold to students of opposite gender. It's the norm and happens annually since the 1970s.


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