Monday, May 23, 2016

Trip to Dubai

This trip to Dubai I spent a day and a half instead of the one day which took two days to recover from. As we were driving I saw a Wendy's advertisement and knew I had to find one. I found one in the mall and ordered my chili and frosty that I've missed so much. I also had Baja Fresh and Taqado Mexican food.

I gave Ski Dubai another try this time and also got to hug a King penguin which was amazing, unfortunately the didn't allow photos, only the ones they would sell to us.
I almost got knocked out in these balls

I had to find a historical attraction as I see malls and restaurants everyday in Kuwait. We stopped by the Dubai Museum which was awesome

Around the corner from the museum is a historical shopping area with a coin museum located in one of what looks like old houses

The only problem was trying to flag down a taxi!


  1. Oh gosh, its been 20 years since I've last had Wendy's!

  2. Yes! Trying to get a taxi is the worst! You have to be at the airport or a hotel!


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