Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sultan Chef

After seeing their IG page @sultanchef I always wanted to give it a try. They recently opened up a new location in Abu Halaifa in the "Light Complex," with it being so close I figured why not. We weren't familiar with the menu and I have little experience with Turkish food so we asked the waiter for his recommendation. We started off with drinks, I got the fruit drink pictured below which was really good.

We both tried salads, I got the Roca salad, they came in huge bowls which could've been shared. We also tried the grilled soujouk, a grilled Turkish sausage plate. Unfortunately the sausage plate was so salty I couldn't eat it. 

Our meat recommendation was the rack of lamb carved by our waiter.

Tibet Temple

Grilled soujouk
 Rack of lamb

 Antep baklava
 Of course we had to try the special Antep baklava and tea. The baklava dish is a show in itself.

The restaurant was beautiful and the waiters were awesome but it is really pricey. Our order which consisted of 2 drinks, bottle of water, 2 salads, one appetizer, rack of lamb and dessert came out to a whopping 52 KD and the food was good but not 52 KD good. All I can say is even though it is pricey there are always a lot of people in the restaurant so business is booming with all of the new locations opening up across Kuwait.


  1. 52 KD? Are you serious? Food looks good, but still, that's a ridiculous amount for the above meal!

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