Monday, July 4, 2016

Messila beach closed to RV Camp

A while ago there was an open spot of land in Messila that attracted RV campers and was once used for the kite gathering on the weekends. I guess someone got upset people were using the land and have recently set up barriers and it looks like they will surround the property with a metal fence to keep people away from enjoying the beach. That piece of land has been vacant since I came to Kuwait but rich people are greedy and want to keep everything to themselves, even nature.

This is what it looked like before, a few months after this picture there were around 20 RVs parked there.
I saw someone complaining about RVs on IG @q8needsyou as well, it's in Arabic but I can make out he was talking about them closing the beach access. If it's such a bad idea then let the owners of the empty land charge the campers to park there which would make them money.


  1. There were a few things going on there. People said that the RVs were wing rented out by the hour for "immoral activities". If that's true, however, there's another beach area just down the road full of RVs. The Alianz kennel club used to hold their weekly dog gatherings there also. It was really disappointing when they closed it off. I think you're right though. It sounds like crappy uncaring land owners to me.

    1. Immoral activities, so they basically turned it into an authentic trailer park haha


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