Thursday, October 6, 2016

SoMu or South Mubarakiya trendy café area in Kuwait

The girls showed me this area when we visited Mubarakiya last week, the weather was really hot so we didn't stay long but now that it is cooling down I will definitely be going back to check it out, It's called SoMu or South Mubarakiya and it is an updated area with various shops and restaurants.
 Artists have painted murals on several walls
 This is 12 Chutneys restaurant, @12_chutneys /

 7th Heaven café 94490081

 Small Ville café 97701234 @smallville_kw
Brothers St. Hamburger shop 60366253

There is Breo 22091984 and Caffeine coffee shop 22448904 @caffeinekuwait, I've read positive reviews about the coffee shop.

If you're looking for a quiet area to just chill then this area is a great place for it. The area is located on the opposite side of the McDonald's, if you park in the parking structure you can see it when you are going up, it's in the same area as the giant mural of the guy in dishdasha with flowers in his hand.

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