Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vectrus loses KBOSSS contract to KBR-Triple Canopy

A joint venture of KBR (NYSE: KBR) and Triple Canopy has won a one-year, $117.8 million contract that includes separately-funded option periods to operate a U.S. Army base in Kuwait and provide security support services for the military branch’s area support group in the country.

KBR-Triple Canopy LLC will perform work through Sept. 29, 2017, the Defense Department said Thursday.

The Army received five bids for the contract via the internet and used its fiscal 2016 operations and maintenance funds to cover the full obligated amount.

A FedBizOpps award notice posted Thursday said the Kuwait Base Operations and Security Support Services 2.0 contract’s first year includes a four-month phase-in period that starts Sept. 30, 2016 with an eight-month base term between January 30, 2017 and Sept. 29, 2017.

Four one-year option periods are available after the base period and the Army will determine those awards on an individual basis, while the fourth option year will include eight months of contractor execution and a four-month phase-out period if exercised.

The Army also has an option to extend services for another six months after the fourth year if needed.

(UPDATE — 10:24 a.m. Eastern time September 30): Vectrus (NYSE: VEC) disclosed Thursday its proposal for K-BOSSS 2.0 was not selected and the company’s services as incumbent contractor under the predecessor K-BOSSS contract are scheduled to run through Dec. 28, 2016.

----Yes, we received the news last week, and yesterday we were told to provide our email addresses and some info to KBR if we want to continue on with their company not to mention Vectrus did lose their APS 5 contract to AECOM but there are some problems with that award which gives them more time but for KBOSSS folks we are officially O V E R. For Americans it might not be so bad but for the foreign nationals working now I don't know. If anyone is familiar with KBR they know that the company has a thing for hiring Eastern Europeans from Bosnia ans Macedonia. Times are a changing and boy are we in for new experiences soon.


  1. Eastern Europeans might not get visas to Kuwait, however.

  2. A little bit worried but as local hires we have assurance we will absorb in next contract.

  3. KBR will have no problem obtaining visas for them. Check the newspaper lately. Many Eastern European's already have tourist visa entry to Kuwait. The problem is many of them have been deported for soliciting prostitution. Not making this up. Check Arab times. The last one was caught staying at a hotel in Bneid Al Gar charging 200 KD an hour.

  4. Update: It is confirmed, in order to make it more profitable KBR will in fact be employing the strategy of bringing in Bosnian and other Eastern European personnel to support KBOSSS 2.0.

    Unconfirmed: The pay will be significantly reduced to levels unprecedented. Incumbent selected U.S. Personnel will be offered wages at the lowest levels imaginable in order to discourage them from staying on. Think KBR sponsored housing buildings in Mahboula full of Bosnian's earning 450KD a month taking the bus to work. Don't waste your time on wishful thinking. Better start planning for the worse.

  5. It's starting again...

  6. Desert Girl can you provide further details? Is this going to be worse than last time when ITT took over and it was first come first serve at the Hilton job fair?

  7. what is the new pay ?
    Lowest, yeah, we know.. every contract is lower than the one before..
    What is it, do you know?

    1. Starting Jan 1 Triple Canopy security salary will be reduced by 13.7% as for KBOSSS, no word on anything but KBR is taking over already, go to Texas Roadhouse and see.


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