Monday, October 10, 2016

MOI app- took my money, ticket Remains

UPDATE: Ticket still remains and I will have to go to the traffic department in Asma to solve this problem.

So I decided to be lazy and pay my ticket on the MOI application, deep down I knew something would go wrong but I really didn't feel like going to deal with the ministry. I guess I should have because I followed all of the directions, entered my card number and then hit ok. It went to another screen that was blank, after waiting a few minutes I didn't get anything, checked my email it asked for and nothing. I did remember the warning that said check your account before trying again.

I checked my account and it was less 10 KD but when I went back into the app the violation remained. Of course there is no number to contact and I sent an email to the one on the app and of course no response. Normally it wouldn't matter but I have to renew my license and if there is a ticket my transaction will be held up. All I have is a bank transaction record and an account number as proof. Has anyone else dealt with this? My friend says it takes a couple of days but I need it now to be cleared. Does anything ever go right with technology in this country?

This ticket of course is from the incident with the cop in my other post, I should've paid it in the ministry- lesson learned AGAIN!


  1. Great! Hope you're able to clear it up. I'm expecting a fine day day now to pop up under my civil id number :P

  2. Oh dear that sounds dreaful. IT apps in Oman generally suck but at least the police (ROP site) is relatively good. Hope you sort it out! Too bad you have to pay it all though. Cop who gave it to you was a loser;)

  3. I used to pay my fines from moi site,was never let down(so far)!.Good luck


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