Saturday, November 12, 2016

Assaha Village Lebanese Restaurant

I've admired this restaurant from afar, I loved the details of the building, they have re-use way of decorating.
It is the architecture revolving around the usage of ancient materials, elements and techniques, and their reintegration within a system of different construction purposes. This architectural theory foreshadows the beneficial usage of demolished houses’ remnants that are often thrown away in the sea. Other elements are used in this architectural style; some of them are the neglected elements, the remnants of old buildings, as well as the archeological and traditional artifacts such as the peasants’ tools, the joiners’ equipment, the household artifacts, etc… Those forgotten features are re-used in innovative, creative and novel ways. In other words, one can definitely benefit from the precious relics left by our fathers and grandfathers, and from the environmental donations and past cultural civilizations. Each tool could be either used according to its original function or implemented in creative, modern functions and purposes.  

As you wait for your order they serve the traditional olives, pickles and lupin seeds (thermos) on ice which is the first time I've seen them served in a restaurant, usually they are sold by the seed go on the side of the street. 

 I wonder if the turquoise wood beams were refurbished from old Kuwaiti houses? I've seen this color in so many abandoned houses.
There is sheesha for those smokers
 That little seating area has a shelf with old trunks
There's a small collection of old Kuwaiti doors outside

They are located in Bneid Al Gar - Block 1 - Str. 83 - On Gulf Road Phone:965 22533377/88 website IG @assahakuwait


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