Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Qatar, I love it!

The last time I visited Qatar was 2006 and a lot has changed. The population has increased, which means much more traffic for such a tiny country but the addition of museums and touristic attractions is amazing. You can start off by taking a look at their touristic website to see what there is to do. I didn't have enough time to do everything so a second trip is definitely in the making. The airport is simply amazing, modern and a great way to start off in Qatar.

The Qatar skyline
 Museum of Islamic Art

The country is surrounded by water which makes for an amazing corniche. The corniche surrounding the Islamic Museum is beautiful. It is green area with trees and grass and the best part is not seeing any trash. The country is kept very clean which proves it can be done if people truly care about their country. Of course, there are still undeveloped areas with the old cars and buildings and I'm sure a touristic view of the country is different than those of the people who live there.

 Steel beam monument
 Organic cafe
The Pearl
 Gondola ride in Villagio Mall

 Mini amusement park in the mall
 Dessert in The Gate Mall
The drive was congested but late at night the place is empty of people and cars. It's as if everyone sleeps at 9 pm. The locals are kind and helpful and the local guys do not harass people. No one seems angry and one car even stopped to let us cross the road, imagine that. I have heard that prices are high there and when I thought about moving there I did research and found out that the private schools are much more expensive than here if you can believe it. I have been watching this country grow since the late 90's and it shows how much progress can be done when the ruler wants the best for the people who live in Qatar.

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