Saturday, November 26, 2016

Qatar trip Part 2

On our second day we had an awesome guide named Khalifa who works with the museums and Souq Waqif. He took us on a personal tour of one of the old Qatari houses within the museum, unfortunately we got off late and the others were closed but the house we saw was beautiful.

 Some of the artifacts found when refurbishing the house
 In the old days they used the tiny seashells to layer the floor of the hosh (middle open area of old houses) to keep the dust down
Some of the handsome police patrol in Souq Waqif
 This fellow decided to stick his tongue at me

Katara Village during the dhow festival in which dhows of the GCC countries come to Qatar to show their boats
 One of the local Qatari artists, @fahadqtr_art
 Sculpture made of old copper antiques
 The beautiful and amazing restaurant Ard Canaan which serves a mix of Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Syrian dishes...a must try!
I had mansaf with lamb

One of the beautiful buildings in Katara
Such a beautiful amazing place!


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