Thursday, November 10, 2016

Raising Cane's now open in Jabriya

Raising Cane's is now opened in Jabriya under IHOP.

Although I no longer support anything to do with Al Shaya they still own most of the good stuff so I do it for my blog followers.


  1. Can I ask what happened between you and Alshaya?

  2. Sorry. I just answered my own question by doing a quick search on your blog. Yeah, they own pretty much everything so it will be a little difficult to avoid right?

  3. "I no longer support anything to do with Al Shaya." Could you explain why?

  4. Long story short, I posted about their discount outlet with 2 pictures and wrote about their high turn over and sucky salary...received a phone call from one chick who works there who used to be nice, threatened the person who took me to their outlet with termination if I didn't take the post down. Ugly an uncalled for actions by a huge company who became afraid of my little blog.

    1. "Sucky salary" I thought theirs was one of the highest.


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