Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Arabella Complex/Mall Kuwait

The Arabella Complex close to bid'a roundabout is another location to visit some of the restaurants only located in Avenues without having to travel the distance. Although the complex is open for business there are some construction going on with fountains and escalator. Of course there is the parking problem that comes along with every new constructed building. It seems the people think parking is an after thought, I mean who would want parking on prime retail space?

 This was the jam on a Tuesday night at 9 pm.
Nice place, horrible parking.


  1. The parking problms are all due to lack of of foresight of the owners and the municiplaity

  2. Where is it located? I couldn't find it on Google map

  3. It's located on Gulf street next to the Palms and Radisson Sas hotel.

  4. I think u should tag each post according to their kind eg, food, restrurant, must see locations as its diffcult going through pages of older post to find locations

  5. I've been going to Arabella for a while now about every week. There's no problem with parking except that valet is a bit crowded. It seems many people think that that small strip of parking space is all that there is, but there is also underground parking that is quite large.


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