Thursday, February 13, 2020

Earth Roastery Coffee Kuwait

During our journey to Kubbar Island Earth Roastery graciously supported our eco cause with endless supplies of coffee and amazing sweets. I am not a lover of coffee at all and I don't understand a lot of the hype but after spending hours on board with the co-founders I had a better understanding. 

Earth Roastery as I was told is a company that deals directly with the farmers and cuts out the middle man giving more earnings to the owners of the farms. They offered me several different flavors of coffee, whipping out their unique kettle and specialty pot which was really awesome to watch.

The light fragrant coffee was surprisingly good and I had him working the whole trip making me more. Now the pies de resistance was their double chocolate cookies, they were so moist and bursting with chocolateness I had to hide some down below in the cabin for later.   
 They are located in the Dhai complex close to The Regency Hotel in Bidda. The shop is light and airy with a modern feel. They have an enormous mint green coffee roasting machine, that thing is a beast!
A must try is definitely the Nitro coffee, a massive hit of coffee, not for the faint-hearted

Lemon, Vegan oatmeal and double chocolate cookies as well as cakes, pies and croissants. All of the sweets are provided by their sister company located in Sabah Al Ahmed and on Carriage.
 Not only are they an everyday coffee shop but also a platform for locals to attend various coffee workshops in cooperation with @brewever consulting company. Earth Roastery sponsors the coffee for the workshops as well as selling their fresh ground beans to businesses and locals alike.
In no way are they sponsoring this post, I just want to bring some attention to their business as they cater to locals with their classes and help out with volunteering with various eco friendly activities. Their sister pastry company also has classes in making various delicacies, check out the mentioned IG accounts and website for more information.


  1. It's little initiatives like these that help such concepts stand apart from the bunch. Kudos to the owners and going above and beyond in supporting local causes! :)

  2. They are a great group of guys, the co-founder pictured serves up coffee daily as well. You will find him there in the evening time and he knows so much about coffee, I learned a lot.


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