Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Old Kuwait Videos

I'm always interested in seeing videos of Kuwait before the war, it seems like it was a much simpler time back then.
This video is a little long, I watched most of it, seeing a yalwa (old Kuwaiti wedding) and clips of the old Amiri hospital were awesome. This video take you through a journey from the beginning up until Sheikh Jabber became Emir. At the end it shows Sheikh Jabber at a GCC meeting, all of the GCC rulers who have all since passed are shown gathered together.
This one is a journey through Mubarakiya
From the 80's
An Indian family's home movies from the 80's, toward the end you will find Entertainment City and lastly the ice skating rink that closed yesterday to make room for a concert hall...edited with memorable 80's tracks...listening to it took me back....

We're all looking for a bit of nostalgia now that all of the old landmarks are being torn down, a lot of the past is slowly being erase and in the future we will be telling our kids about the 'old skating rink' or 'Bay Lothan' etc... so sad.

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