Saturday, February 29, 2020

Kuwait private schools trying to force teachers back to Work

With all that is going on in Kuwait concerning the Corona virus the cabinet has suspended all schools, universities and college activities until March 12, 2020. Sadly, that doesn't stop private schools from trying to force their teachers back to school or risk losing their jobs.


They took away their spring vacation!

I've also seen another text from a school telling teachers they need to return to school to set up online classes for their students. They also advise teachers on vacation in countries with corona virus to go back to the UK and fly to Kuwait from there to avoid quarantine.  Unfortunately managers of school are not taking this seriously and only worried about satisfying the owner's bank account. Greed is blatantly obvious in all private schools, the way some schools treat teachers as prisoners is disgusting and no one does anything about it.

Bullying young teachers, not allowing adequate time for teachers to have their breaks or lunches, not willing to put their teachers on school visas, holding onto their passports, taking money from their salary without notification and more problems teachers don't voice for fear of backlash. Sadly there is no department within the MOE to ensure private school teachers are taken cared of. The only time the MOE gets involved is to do a raid on schools known for having illegally hired staff.

There should be a number for teachers to be able to report what goes on in their school without fear of getting into trouble but that would make sense right?

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