Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are there any laws that people follow?

2 kids dead, family critical in highway mishap

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 20: Two Kuwaiti children, aged 2 and 4, lost their lives while four other members of the family suffered serious injuries in a tragic accident on the King Fahad Road opposite Mishref Friday night.Rescue officers and paramedics, who rushed to the scene on receiving a distress call, pulled out the remains of the children from the badly wrecked vehicle and rushed their seriously wounded parents and two other siblings to the intensive care unit of Mubarak Hospital. The remains of the deceased children were referred to forensics.Preliminary investigation indicated that the father suddenly lost control of the car and it swerved off the road and crashed into trees.Securitymen are investigating the case.

A simple car seat and seat belt might have saved their lives. How many times have you driven by cars and see kids roaming freely in the car? I've seen them laying in the back of the window and laughing. They seem to think that having the maid hold the baby will prevent the child from becoming a projectile. WRONG! Police are always pulling over taxi guys or other expats who might not even be doing anything wrong, the police just want to bother them. Have they ever pulled a car over for having 8 kids with no seat belts? Nope I don't think so.

I've seen the parents bring the newborns home wrapped in a blanket. No seat required. The police have a show on Kuwait TV where they discuss safety on the road but never once said buckle your kids in. They never say don't drive with the baby in your lap as I've seen over and over again. They do however make sure you don't talk on the mobile phone or you will get a ticket. At least the mobile can't grab the steering wheel. Do they even have the buckle up rule for kids?

A couple years ago I saw an accident and the small boy was sitting on the trunk of the car with his head bleeding because the mother was holding him in the front seat and his head hit the windshield when they hit the car in front of them. I think the most amount of children I've counted in a car was 10 and they were in a late model Camry, how do they concentrate while driving?

I brought my car seat from the states and when I go out I have my baby in it. You can only imagine the looks I get. They stare as if I have an alien or something. I can always spot the expats, they are the only ones who have car seats.

A simple act of putting your child in a car seat or seat belt can mean the difference between life and death.

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  1. This is something I will never get used to seeing! It breaks my heart every time I see children roaming about a vehicle.

    I have just found your blog and am loving all your informative posts! Thanks!


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