Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny Stuff in Kuwait

Everyday I go out I know I'll spot something that will make me laugh. I know English is the second language in this country but has anyone ever thought about using "spell check" before they make a sign or a sticker? I'm sure you have come across a car that has some words on the back of it that makes absolutely no sense. Some of these sayings are actually translations of the Arabic version but translating Arabic to English just doesn't work out sometimes. For example:

Then there are those signs that mean well but just don't make the cut. I took my daughter to the clinic in Qortuba (or however you spell it) clinic. There's a driveway in front of the door for dropping off people. Here are the signs posted near the driveway:

I think it's supposed to mean no honking horns?

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  1. That's funny...it looked like "no trumpets" to my daughter and I also! LMAO...very funny.


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