Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friday Market, but you can go on Thursday too

Living in California we would always take a trip to the swap meets that were held at the drive-ins during the day. We would find all sorts of items and try to bargain for a better price. Well Friday market is almost the same as a swap meet. It's located in Shuwaikh near the Avenues mall. You can find all sorts of items from clothing to furniture both used and new. Yes, it's called Friday market but you can also go on Thursday. During the day it's not as crowded as it is at night. It doesn't cost anything to get in and you can try your bargaining skills when buying something. The restrooms are decent but bring your own TP (toilet paper) as this item seems to be lacking in most facilities throughout Kuwait. There are restaurants there in case you get hungry.

Around the corner from the Market is the animal market. It's a little smaller than before because the Beladiya has shut down some of the stalls due to non compliance. You can find all kinds of birds and fish. I will post pictures of the animal market when I get some. There is also a new Veterinarian hospital there if you have a sick animal.

Above are a couple pics from the Market. In Arabic it's called Souk Al-Jouma.


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