Saturday, February 13, 2010

Word Facts

I'm sure almost everyday we come across Arabic words that are constantly repeated but we really don't know what they mean and it gets frustrating not knowing so here are a few more commonly used words:

Mandoub: This is an assistant type person who handles all kinds of paperwork. They also do all the foot work for people who don't have time or are too lazy to do it themselves. Companies hire them to do every and anything asked of them. No job too big or small.

Khafeel: This word means "sponsor". It can range from the sponsor of your visa to the person who sponsors you for credit as in purchasing a car.

Tefteesh: This word means police check point, you know the ones held in the middle of the street on any given day making a traffic jam. The last one I saw was in the middle of the day in Salmiya. I thought there was an accident, nope just police deciding to put a checkpoint.

Masteshfa: Means hospital.

Hope this helps!

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