Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Word Facts

I'd like to list some everyday words that are used for greetings as they tend to break the ice with local people.

Salam Alaikom- means "peace be upon you", you use this when greeting someone.

Wa Alaikom Salam- the answer used to return the greeting after someone says Salam Alaikom.

Shwaya- means little (as in amount)

Wyed- means alot (as in amount)

Here are the numbers :

1- wahed, 2- ithnain, 3- thalatha, 4- arbaa, 5- khamsa, 6- sitta, 7- sabaa, 8- thamaniah

9- tisaa, 10- ashraa

The days of the week:

Sunday- yumaal ahad, Monday- yumaal athnain, Tuesday- yumath thulatha

Wednesday- yumaal arbia, Thursday- yumal khamees

Friday- yumal jumah, Saturday- yumas sabt

Hope this helps!

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