Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stairwell or storage space?

There are many benefits to living in company housing. The building is taken care of by the owner (for the most part), it's usually pretty clean and they have to follow the company's list of standards. I know for some people it may seem like you don't have any privacy but it beats living on the economy.

I live on the economy which includes living with local people in the building. We have to do our own maintenance and deal with unruly people who think breaking down walls at 6 a.m. is ok. Most people understand that the stairwell is used in case of a fire and should meet certain standards, one of them includes keeping it free of blockage. Well in my building as well as most local buildings people think it's ok to use it as a storage unit as you can see below:

As you can see these individuals are blocking 5 landings with their stuff. Aren't there any officials who check buildings for this problem?


  1. You should see our emergency staircase!

    Floors totally sealed off because of personal property thrown here and there!

  2. My sister told me someone has some chickens in their stairwell. Indoor farming?

  3. Haha expect the unexpected :)


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